November 1, 2012

7QT - All Saints Day Edition

- 1 -

We had a quiet but pleasant All Hallow's Eve snuggled on our couch with cider and a movie. As is our tradition, I made "gourmet" caramel apples. The kids are still eating on theirs -- mmmm! 

- 2 -

Princess was St. Elizabeth of Hungary for the day. Since I wasn't organized this year about assembling a Saint costume, we had to make do with what was stuffed in her toy box. Princess has a fashion sense about her that I never had (and, um, still don't), so she was quickly able to pull together a Queen-themed outfit. She also put on a little cloak and hid her play food in it to "feed the poor" as St. Elizabeth had. It was very sweet. :)

- 3 -

Bud was going to be St. Michael the Archangel, but lost interest quickly. Being three and a half will do that to you, I suppose. I had to wrangle him back into his armor in order to take a picture, hence the very, very, very, very unenthused facial expression. (And to think this was the best of the bunch - the poor kid looks like someone was forcing him to eat rocks while looking straight into the sun. I'm such a mean mom.)

- 4 -

All Saints Day this year fell on Husband's day off so we were all able to attend the noon Mass together as a family. I still had to spend most of it standing in the entryway trying to quiet/distract/chase a fussy toddler, but I consider it a definite improvement over last year's late evening Mass. I still frequently recall the fond memories of actually having to leave the church and sit in the car for an hour with a shrieking infant. I'm sure I'm not the only mom who has had the pleasure of experiencing such a trial of patience. (Right? Right?!)

- 5 -

I could have listened to this all day... Beautiful.

- 6 -

We started on a big All Saints/All Souls Day project. I can't wait to share! A post is coming soon.

- 7 -

Now don't tell me that this isn't the most perfect All Saints Day treat. White for the Saints who won their crowns due to the sanctity of their lives, red for the Martyrs... Yes, oh yes. Perfection.

O holy souls that now rejoice without fear of losing your joy and are forever absorbed in the praises of my God! Happy indeed your lot! How right that you should employ yourselves ceaselessly in these praises! and how my soul envies you, free as you now are from the affliction caused by the grievous offenses which are in these unhappy days are committed against my God!
- St. Teresa of Avila

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  1. Oh my gosh all those treats look so delicious! I've made peppermint bark a few times, but never thought to add a layer of chocolate underneath it. Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. It was really delicious! I am going to post the recipe this next week. :)