January 5, 2011


I am sorry for my long absence from this blog! I hadn't intended to set it aside, but some intense morning sickness paired with a whirlwind Advent and Christmas season made it necessary. With the dawn of January I am looking forward to a return to normalcy and, God willing, a more active blog.

My pregnancy is now nearing the end of its 10th week. While I still suffer nausea and fatigue, it is lifting ever so slightly -- a development for which I could not be more grateful. I suffer from some level of sickness during the entire 9 months of my pregnancies, but as they progress the intensity gradually lessens. Next week I have my first appointment with my midwife at a local birth center, as well as an ultrasound at the Catholic pregnancy clinic where I volunteer. I am anxious to get my first peek at Baby!

In closing, I'd like to share some notable posts around the web worth checking out:

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  1. I'm glad to hear the sickness is slightly lifting. I know how hard it is!

    How exciting about the birth center and ultrasound!!