September 18, 2012

Return to blogging

Well over a year ago I stopped blogging, taking a much-needed break to focus on "life." With summer on the horizon and a new baby about to make her entrance into the world, I found that there simply wasn't enough time in the day to blog alongside everything else I wanted - and needed - to do. 

Now baby is a year old, life has slowed some and I am inspired to return once again. I have a new vision for the blog that I hope, with time and God's help, will be interesting, inspiring and useful for those who spend a moment of their day here. 

The blog has and always will have a decidedly Catholic flavor. I hope to expand this aspect of it to be more relevant to the daily lives of Catholics, particularly Catholic mothers. How do we grow in holiness through the very small, ordinary tasks that await us each day? What are some simple ways we can protect and fan the flame of faith in the hearts of our children? How is God speaking to me through the daily Scripture readings? (Even if one is not Catholic, I definitely think there will be a lot here that is relevant or encouraging to your journey of faith and I happily invite all people - whether Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, or otherwise - to  stay, read and join the conversation!)

This is also my first year fully immersed in home schooling (as my oldest, "Princess," turned 5 this summer). We are taking a (mostly) Classical approach right now and I am excited to share everything we're doing, from our reading list to our morning Calendar Time board. In the future I will also have free printables, curriculum reviews and insights on how I make homeschooling affordable for our family. 

Additionally, I'm looking forward to talking a lot more about homemaking on a budget, becoming debt-free and how easy it is to "go green" while spending less. I get a lot of satisfaction from making my own natural cleaning and beauty products, finding useful ways to re-purpose items around the house and doing crafty, cute projects on a dime -- and I plan on dishing out tips and tutorials that will inspire others out there to do the same! 

Then, of course, no mommy blog would be complete without the -- tada! -- food section. I have always felt at home in the kitchen and just love cooking simple yet delicious meals for my family. Recently I lost 50 lbs by making our meals less about comfort and more about nutrition, and so of course I am eager to share recipe ideas and knowledge that will help others who think their menus at home could be healthier.

I look forward to the future of Domesticity & Doctrine and I hope you do, too. Please make sure to "like" the blog on Facebook and subscribe via your favorite news reader or email!


  1. I enjoyed reading this and welcome back to blogging! I love your name and also the new icon associated with it.

    While I am not Catholic, I still love Jesus. So we have much to learn from one another. I look forward to reading your blog updates and growing along with you. :)

    Love you!

  2. This sounds like a blog I won't want to miss! ;) Looking forward to all your home-making tips, tutorials, and recipes!