January 22, 2011

March for Life in Montana

Today my small Northwestern town in the Rocky Mountains held its 2nd Annual March for Life in solidarity with the larger March for Life events going on this weekend in Washington D.C.

Some Knights of Columbus members helped lead the March. The Knights are among the largest Catholic organizations that strongly defend the pro-life cause. God bless them!

I didn't actually count how many people came, but I would guess there were 75+ people. Last year, the first year of the March, only a handful of people attended. This is great news for our town, which seems to  increasingly pride itself on being more "progressive" regarding issues such as abortion.

Unfortunately, the local media refused the cover the event. This isn't surprising given even last year's March for Life event in D.C. was ignored by national media, but it is a sad and frustrating reminder of the current state of our nation.

We were blessed to have several area religious leaders attend and speak, including two Catholic priests, two Greek Orthodox priests, and one Protestant pastor. My prayer is that next year we will have even more show up, as the pro-life cause is far from being "just a Catholic thing" or "just a Christian thing." This is a human issue, and to be effective we need everyone to unite together under one banner. I long for the day when not only is it the Catholic and Orthodox standing together for the dignity of human life, but also dozens of Protestant pastors from the 70+ area churches, the Rabbi from the local Jewish synagogue, the LDS leaders from the 10 wards in the area, and members of all the various other religious creeds, including those who ascribe to no particular religion.

I know many Christians who would scoff at me for saying that. Perhaps it is too much to ask for -- but then again, small thoughts breed small progress. At one time the elimination of slavery and racial segregation seemed like too much to ask for, too -- but look at the progress we've made thanks to the big dreams of people like Martin Luther King, Jr. I do believe the same can happen for abortion! And it must. Because God never stands for the ruthless bloodshed of innocents for long.

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